How To Get Creative Ideas Inspiration

28 Jun

Creative Ideas & Inspiration 

You’ll definitely never thought how to get an idea how the hell? Though it’s been trying hard to get it often that question not answered. Usually, once in a while I take the time to think your own stuff for a while and ask yourself, where can I get my creativity? How can I promote kekreativitasan do I have? The bottom line as light meditation.

I usually make a small note that contents are about where I get my ideas and inspiration. The other term is a Mind-Mapping (mind mapping). Well, once, then my mind mapped eksplore one-on-one. Here I serve tips how to spur your creative ideas in terms of design. Here’s how simple, but powerful. Lets check it out!

Quiet The Mind (Relax)

Take a minute, do a thing that can make you happy and relaxed. That makes me quiet activities, such as: roads, watch movies, look at something interesting. Do continue until you have a nice Mood.

Calm Heart (Feelings)

Do something you can motivate yourself, so that later on will come up positive energy that can trigger the emergence of creative ideas. For example, worship.

Collecting The Imagination

Imagination is a high-level visualization. Try to close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere you think is beautiful. See color, teksturnya, and grasp something as if you are holding it. Then listen to your feelings. What do you hear? What odor you kiss? And others. This makes you more relaxed and gives you gratitude also.

Working On Something Light

Do Your everyday activities as usual while you focus your mind to look for ideas. Such as eating, bathing while sing-sing, clean beds, nyapu terrace, hanging loose, ngegosip with mothers housing, etc. Guaranteed, creative ideas will surely appear by itself.

Think Inspiring

Latihlah yourself to see something that drives your emotions. Read design magazines, browsing in the site or showcase css gallery, go to the art gallery, read something inspiring, speak with someone who can make you comfortable. But remember, do not speak for themselves.

Draw Something

Draw something, anything. This can sharpen Your instinct as a designer. Drawing can also train you to see things differently or in accordance with your imagination. Draw the face itself is also allowed.

See Other Alternatives

Latihlah to ask yourself how to do everything differently. When you get the solution of a problem of design, ask yourself again, “is there any other alternative to do this?”. Wake up your mental attitude as a designer with the principle “there is always another way”.

Be Open

Never turn off the ideas that come into your mind. Do not make judgments about it. Because the ideas that come this will add to your creative ideas to start designing.

Thinking On Paper

Begin by jotting down your ideas. Write about anything that’s on your mind: random words, phrases, ideas, touch etc. Connect with a diagram. When inspiration is found, follow the course. If you suddenly got an idea or alternatively, write just on paper or a whiteboard on the new page.

May be useful.

Fashion Creative Ideas & Inspiration

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